My First Time

by Look What I Did

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released December 2, 2003

Produced by: Christopher Bradley & Look What I Did
Mixed & Engineered by: Christopher Bradley
Mastered by: Jamie Tate

Vocals: Barry Donegan
Guitar: Colby Shea
Stunt Guitar: Aaron "Skeet" Childress
Bass: Christopher Bradley
Drums: Miles McPherson



all rights reserved


Look What I Did Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Cupid Full of Eros (MFT version)
Pluck ambrosia from vines
and drink grape wine from his jiggling cleavage
pouring open from his broken, arrow staken heart
imagine kindergarten, gluing red and pink construction paper hearts
to shoeboxes

little fingers and thumbs
give tidings of
quote, unquote

and simple charity
very cute its insincerity
play dumb

a quill of arrows in tow
I track the cherub below
from elevated position
hoping for a certain easy mortal blow
I am owed a pennance
to this bloated piglet stealing hearts
from good logic

a cupid full of arrows is a
cupid full of love
play dumb
Track Name: Shadowboxing (to stay fit)
Fighting sounds fun.. but enemies, please, thats messy
No one wants a conflict, but were hundreds strong and we wont --
Be stopped till
Fuck I dont know, Fuck i forgot
But this fight stance makes my ass look good
And i like that shit
Pump your fist in the air if you're an idiot
Down with bad stuff
Its just like punching only you dont have to hit anyone
and you'll feel so tough!

I read big books about small things and other... stuff
Track Name: Mirror, Mirror
Lensed eye does spy the vanity
the mirror mirrors mine
you track the tactful pantomime
a lie
a lozenge lost in lung and lapsis linguae lingers lost
i found a faith in fantasy
you filled the felt with ink
my pen was licked with paint and pitch
of prides imprint
self love hides behind
contempt for ones own grand design
a levelling of grandeur of a kind
the limit of the vandal and the crime
God made you this way
for a reason
in his image
obsession for obsessions sake
a bauble
a frantic shaken snowing bulb
a wintry, Christmas kind
was cracked and leaking saline slime
was bounced from walk to flooding grate
unmercifully tossed
and placed beneath the chimney, intent
to fill the vial with ink
my pen ran drink
with scratching signs
all scars besides
I love me too
you love you too
Track Name: I Beat God at Tae Kwon Do
I had a dream i did compete in a heavenly contest
my hands were brick and super-thick and I was quick and weightless
my skill was sharpened pins and razor blades and it was pointless
my foes had toes arrange with straw and they were barely balanced
i was a freedom fighter freely fighting reeling lions
they were a really lightning quick exciting boiling frying
experience in lighting matches in a kitchen fire
against my chest I felt this melting wax and I was happy

my cock, painfully huge
my foot, is better than yours
you can't undress as fast as I can do it
you do it with one foot I do it with

The mat was wet with holy sweat as i displayed my talent
My hands and feet made godly meat available for sandwich
The bread of hair and face displaced the chest and stomach salad
I spread the mustard of his muscle puss across my palate
I was unleashing on unleashings cost and being costly
It was a really broad excuse for my impending failure
The locker room was steaming food and tea for my abuses
I'll make a GYRO shop of human stock and make a fortune
Track Name: Last Call for Rufenol
Girls are cute, they rarely poot
and they have wet vaginas
when i was in school, i wasn't cool
kids thought i was too conflicted
so I thought that a girl would rock my world
if i was a rock n' roll singer
i guess i was wrong, it wasn't too long
till i learned to DRUG THEM and RAPE THEM
fake glasses, good vision, indie pop here i come,
NOW I'M GONNA GET LAID! last call, for rufenol
so i traded my skirt for a flowerdy shirt and hip huggin dickies
got a get-up kids patch for my one strap pack,
and some frivolous glasses
the girls will jump up and down to the power pop sound
and think that I am romantic
when I'm done with the show, everyone will know,
that I'm surely gonna get some, sweet pussy!
oooh eeeeh ooh I look just like River's Cuomo!
Is this a satire?
Track Name: Lipstick Liasons
It dries, it dries -- and can't be moistened

can I have a kiss, no sir yes sir
can it feel like bliss, no sir yes sir no sir
can you handle this, no sir yes sir
do you plead the fifth, no sir yes sir no sir yes sir

I tried to lick it off
it dries, it dries
fundancingsing NOTHING
I tried to lick it off
it dries, it dries
fundancingsing NOTHING CHANG-ES
I tried to lick it off
it dries, it dries, it dried

little girls dream of F-U-C-K-I-N-G
all they can think of S-E-X and fantasy
all of them love the DVDA and the DP
full of semen C-H-O-K-I-N-G

Lipstick Liasons

your eyes are scanning for cock
I can see your soul slithering
you wish I would look away
you are embarrassed!
your hormones
Sweep away your litter
The chunks are making me sick
The creamy mess of your liver
Track Name: My Biggest Fan
Im in the stands, man
big orange hand
and I'm cheering for myself
and I'm winning this time
its easy to win
when you're the only one playing

I do a wave by myself

its very easy to mistake a mountain for a grain of salt, I know
in my opinion, though, i found heaven isn't possible, alone

God Damn Sam
I'm a one hand clapping machine
my parents say I'm a natural
but noone knows it but me
b/c I can't do it when anyone's around!

i'm happy to eat alone
i'll eat my popcorn and be by myself.
Track Name: House Of Cards
Open the deck
Fingernails in the plastic, gently, gently, gently
Careful not to damage the plastic makes perfect makes perfect
Makes structures such perfect
Piles and Piles of
The architecture, arts and leisure, whores and beggers, beg for better
A gust of wind can erase the foundation, the patience, the effort is wasted on making
Piles and Piles of
Kings, Queens, 2's, 3s, how fragile all these things
It takes such flimsy parts to make a House of Cards
Carefully balancing intricate curvature gently, gently, gently
The six and the jack are now buckling under the pressure
The King is such corpulent heavy
Piles and Piles of
The weight and measure, trash and treasure, pain and pleasure
obtuse gets the pressure
Form against function a swaying impression
a contractor paid with his sweat for the measure of
piles and piles of
All this grand presentation
Colors, fine decoration
Built to please
Piece by piece
Makes no matter
Shortly after
A King and pauper, lead to slaughter, fertilize the ground
your life is, too fragile, to balance on
Track Name: Feast of Breath and Teeth
Hair and flesh
thus enmeshed in measured touches
longing lost
in a vale of secret pleasures
no one knew,
no one knew
we could replace the rib and remake Adam
in our room
no one knew
starve the beast
in a hungry, torrid feast
of breath and teeth

incomplete, as a unit,
unix meet barbie dolls
play for kens in
games of doctor
made the nurse play along
Hermaphrodite gains its kingdom from our blindness
we close our eyes
to our hearts and livid crotches
to be cross and alone

our tongues and lips are smothering
our lungs and hips are shuddering
feed with me
hand to mouth
our eyes combine to form a shining sturdy sundial
the weather wets its tongue and licks our hearts completely
a muscled tongue that wrestles pride and my ambition
lets have a match and TAKE TURNS PINNING EACH OTHER
write a message on a feather
the wind unfolds its bold precarious plot
trust the currents for the better
Love me back together!
in a feast
breath and teeth
Track Name: Zanzibar I - The Dry Mouthed Horse that Died at the Watering Hole
Sippy sippy sippy goes the midship captain
steering it is not his forte
but what is devotion?
no no no no no no no no no
I'm off
you're not
Lonely Zanzibar
a patron of
good swashbuckling
sippy sippy sippy goes the thirsty horsie
swimming it
is not his forplay
rope swing!
choke horsie!
gurgle gurgle gurgle goes the choking horsie
and Zanzibar did it i know he did it i watched him do it!
rope swing!
choke horsies
all good horsies drink it dry
wet their mouths and close their eyes
all good horsies drink it dry
quench their thirst on human life
good horsies, drink it dry!